Lucky#Eight (___spiceitup) wrote in horse_fun,

hey guess whos back?!

yes its meee!

so after being MIA for a long, long, long time & a username back.

Spice is doing fine and definantly enjoying the cold weather that winter brought..because I have this circulation problem in the winter I dunno what it is but I lose all circulation in my hands/feet no matter what I do & if it doesn't start ciculating normally in a ceratin time period I have to get it chopped off. My mom has it its sucks. So no matter how many bags & gloves I wear I still can't be outside for too long. Luckily the weathers been in the 40's so I could ride for a few days. Anyyyways.

Is this supposed to be behind a lj-cut? Just in case


Name::: Ashley
Age::: 18
Location::: Cranberry Twp, PA
Sex::: Female
Years Riding::: 11 +
Pics::: Post later..


Name// Spice It Up ; Spice ; Spicer; Spicerak..
Age// 8
Dicipline// Ah. Anything nowadays. English, Hunter, Western, Gamer, Trail..Bareback.
Funniest Moment// Spice gets alot of those..
History// It's a long one. Most people that are in here anyways have probably heard it.
Anything else// He's the bestestest little buckskin paint I know!
PICS// Post later..
How'd you find us (if someone promoted, leave there username)
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