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Movin' Spice man?

Possibly. Well, more like a definantly.

I was talking to Barb [we split spice till i can totally afford him..she's in charge of stuff though] & she said how our barn is going down hill & we should move. Well, she asked my opinon first and I said definantly. Got some barns in mind..but we're going to a show barn.

Big change for me & Spice..because as we were previously at a "schooling show barn" we're trying to find somewhere that we can go for rated shows. I can now show in adult classes..I think? Well, I'm 18. But Spice & I are also at the level where we might be able to start really competitve showing. And I have the money & will continue to make the money to do it.

At our barn currently the main reason I was there was for an escape from Garden of Eden. I was there because they had trails. But the guy that has the trails is old and when he dies his son is closing off the trails. To get to most of the trails you have to go thru the pasture, over a creek, open a gate, close it..and then you're there. And one of the other trail riders asked if he could put a bridge over the creek & the owners said no. It's tough to get to the trails that way cuz it involves a lot of getting on/off & most of the people there are older so they need mounting blocks or something. We have one ring which is usually occupied by the foal, and it's outdoor. The footing is bad no matter what weather. In the summer is hard as rocks, in the winter it's all slip slidey & uneven and stuff. The owners are really nice its just not the facilities Spice & I need if we're going to show. We need a trainer too. Even if I can only afford once a month, a lesson once a month would help me lots. And an indoor.

So we're looking. We're going to call & visit places. Most of the places we're looking for are in the 350 range..which is a 50 dollar more per split [50 more for barb to pay and 50 more for me]. My parents think this is a great idea and will really benefit Spice & I. There really is no point of Spice & I staying at our current barn if everyone that we went trail riding with left & the trails will close anyways. I'm coughing up the extra 50 bucks & paying for the showing & lessons and such..but I'm looking forward to finding a potentially new home for Spice.

I feel bad because this will be his 3rd barn in the time I've had him, but hopefully we'll find someone right for us.

Just a little update!

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