Kelly (or Jelly) (skippadedoda) wrote in horse_fun,
Kelly (or Jelly)

Hey guys-

I've been trying to think of a showname and have gotten rather stuck, so who better to ask then a bunch of horse people? This is Tess, I've posted pictures of her before, but oh well. She's a nut case, totally hyper and theres a good cahnce we'll get thrown out of the ring this summer, but well, we might as well do it with class! She's a green 11 year old quarter horse (she is registered, but I don't know her show name, and I don't feel like digging it up). She's pretty cute, and we'll be doing western (hahahaha) and english, so any thoughts would be super appreciated!!


Landing ( I look a bit worried, lol)

hahaha She looks perky here (well, she is, but still)

And this is her looking like a giraffe (we're working on the head issue... still.... little twit...)


Anyway, any suggestions will be super appreciated!!

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