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100 memories!

This is fun! I think everyone should do it!!

1. How old were you when you first started riding?: 9 for lessons, but i started dinking around when i was younger

2. First horse ridden: Parker or Gypsy in lessons. They were my two favorites. The first trail horse i remember was Strawberry, who happened to be a red roan.

3. First horse trotted on: I do believe it was Parker.

4. First horse cantered on: Parker i think!

5. First Horse fallen off of: Psy, A horse charged her in a group lesson when i first started and she reared and took off.

6. Most recent horse fallen off of:My horsie a while ago when i was riding double bareback and the girl behind started slipping and pulled me off.

7. First horse you trotted over poles with: I think it was Hemmingway.

8. First horse jumped with:Parker!

9. First horse who ran away with you: Psy... Hemmingways fault, he charged her

10. First horse that scared the crap out of you:None...

11. First horse shown?: My sweet little Parker! I miss him!

12. First horse to win a class with:Parker, we won the boot race at the winter fun show.

13. Do you/have you taken lessons: yep

14. First horse you ever rode bareback: Umm... Bubba i think

15. First horse trail ridden with: I don't remember

16. First Barn: Valley Park, I'm still there.

17. Do you ride English or western?: English

18. First Horse to place at a show with: Parker...

19. Ever been to horse camp?: Several!

20. Ever been to a riding clinic?: Several! I went to one with Thomas Fahey and also one with Todd Minikus! ( i've gone to a couple more too lol!)

21. Ridden sidesaddle?: no... at least not wth a real side saddle... lol

22. First horse leased: My Neo... I bought him soon after

23. First horse owned: Neo!!

24. Highest ribbon in a show?:Champion...

25. Ever been to an 'A' rated show? yep

26. Ever competed in pony games/relay races?: yes lol

27. Ever fallen off at a show: yeah, once

28. Do you ride Hunter/Jumpers?: yes i do!

29. Have you ever barrel raced?: yeah on game days lol

30. Ever done pole bending?: yep- game day

31. Favorite gait(s): canter- duh/!

32. Ever galloped bareback?: ha ha no...well yeah, but my horse spooked lol, while riding double bareback with a different girl. But never intentionally. My horse would kill me if i did!

33. Have you ever done dressage?: a bit

34. Have you ever evented?: nope

35. Have you ever mucked a stall?: ummm... yes

36. Ever been bucked off?: nope- i can sit just about any buck!

37. Ever been on a horse that reared?: yep- several in fact

38. Horses or ponies?: Horses- but i like ponies too i guess

39. Do you wear a helmet?: yeah, when i jump or go on trails

40. What's the highest you've jumped: 3'6

41. Have you ever ridden at night?:yep

42. Do you watch horsey television shows?: yes in fact i do... I like some of the shows on RFDTV

43. Have you ever been seriously hurt/injured from a fall?: yep, my horse fell on me and damaged/severed nerves in my back and neck- orignally the doctors thought i had shattered every rib on my left side, my collar bone, and my right shoulder, but it was because of how effed up my nerves were that was causing my arms/shoulder to be crazy. I get back spasms every now and again...

44. Have you ever ridden without anything (no saddle, bridle, halter ect.): yes a few times

45. Do you ride in an arena or ring?: umm.... both i guess

46. Have you ever been trampled by a horse? not really

47. Have you ever been bitten?: quite a few times.

48. Ever had your foot stepped on by a horse?: who hasn't?

49. Do you clean your tack regularly: not really

50. Ever played ride-a-buck?: yes quite a few times!


51. Show Name: A Touch of Grey

52. Barn Name: Neo

53. Any nicknames?: Punkin, Baby Boy, Punkin Stuff, Fabio, White Lightning, the Beast

55. Goes english or western: Both, predominatly english though- shows english

56. Sex?: Gelding

57. Age?:almost 14

58. Primary Discipline(s)? Hunters, Equitation

59. Show experience: A lot, he's fantabulous!

60. Good on the trail: yeah, most trails, except where our accident was...

61. Did you train this horse yourself?: some of it

62. Vices?: cribs

63. Spooky?:no sirree

64. Is your horse able to be ridden bareback?: Yes

65. Does your horse come when you call?: yep- he loves his mommy!

66. Is your horse good with children and other horses:he's an angel!

67. Is your horse worked regularly: yes indeed

68. Ever a lesson horse?: yeah before i bought him

69. Does your horse like treats?: loves em

70. Do you take lessons on your horse?: Yes

71. Is your horse easy to work around?:very- and i voice trained him!

72. Has your horse ever escaped from it's stall?: no.... he wont leave it unless i tell him he can or the guys are coming to turn out!

73. Do you feel safe on your horse?: yes!

74. Is your horse hard to worm?: not really

75. Is your horse good for the farrier/vet?: he's perfect

76. Have you ever won a class with your horse?: several ha ha

77. Have you ever had a moment where you feel really connected to your horse?:almost all the time!!

78. Does your horse like hay?: no.... JK!! Of course!

79. Does your horse have special feed or supplement?: yep- i give him hay cubes, natural glo, msm, Hoof shit ( i forget what it's called) and Cimetidine for his tumors.

80. Does your horse often have a very messy stall?: No, unless the stall guys call in sick, and dont tell anyone!! grr....

81. Does your horse use any special tack?: no, he goes in a rubber bit and yeah...

82. Do you use a whip and spurs?: nope

83. Does your horse like to run?: yes he does, hes a thoroughbred and used to race

84. How many times a week do you ride your horse?:usually 5 or 6 times

85. Does your horse have markings?: he's a grey...He has black knees, a little pink snip on his nose, and a black bite mark scar on his shoulder.

86. Do you braid your horse for shows?: I get him braided....

87. What color is your horse's halter?: right now navy blue- but i buy him a lot of halters... he has a pink one, purple, lime green, kelly green, royal blue, a pretty silvery-grey one, a black one, and a leather one. yep... a lot

88. Does your horse follow you?: yeppers

89. Can your horse backup?: Yes

90. Is your horse's trot easier to sit to or post to?: post... he is very bouncey, but an excellent mover!!

91. Have you ever dressed your horse up for halloween?: not for halloween, but costume classes, yes!

92 Describe your horse in one word:flamboyant!

93. Has your horse ever produced offspring?:erm... no... not that i am aware off. But he tried to with another gelding lol....

94. Do you and your horse have "colors"?: My favorites on him are royal blue and light pink!

95. What is your horse's favorite treat?: Home-made cookies

96. Do you normally lunge your horse before riding?:nope

97. Has your horse ever given a pony ride?: erm... nope!

98. How many people owned this horse before you?: I'm not sure.... i don't have his papers.

99. Does your horse get dirty easily?: he is grey... enough said

100. What's your favorite horsey memory?: buying Neo!!

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