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7 weeks ago i was in a jumping lesson and my horse tripped before a fence. like right before a fence the second he went down, i went into 2 point. he went down and i went flying. i landed on my shoulder (i'm apparently a terrible faller. it was only my second real fall) and i snapped my collar bone. it's been 7 weeks since i've been riding. and, since i don't own my own horse, 7 weeks since i've even been around them. i'm dying inside. i know this is a bit of a depressing story for 'horse fun' but i hoped that someone would have a story that could be uplifting. or if there was someone out there that could relate. even if you have just stories and pictures of what you've been doing lately.

without horses,
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Hum, well I guess you could call PD's latest story uplifting...

PD escaped from his paddock about 5 weeks ago and somehow found a roofing nail and sank it into his right hind foot. He had several minor surgeries (during on of which the vet hit his nerve when he was trying to block him, and his leg swelled), looked really bad for a weekend (the bacteria spread up his leg), and had stopped eating. Then after his second surgery, he finally perked up and started eating again, and started really walking on it, and was his perky self again. Then a couple weeks ago, they started turning him out again during the day, and he raced around his paddock almost every day bucking and neighing, ever so happy and perky. Finally last Friday I got to walk/trot him, and he is 100% sound. Took him on a 4 mile trail ride on Saturday, he trotted 2 miles and pranced the last mile home, came up totally sound still. Today we cantered for the first time since his accident, and he was so happy, his ears were perked the whole way around and his neck arched, he was just awesome. And to top it all off, this spring he celebrates his 23rd birthday, and is going to start back up in the GOHJA series (which he got 7th out of 19 in modified children's hunter this year, next year we start modified adults!). Not bad for an oldie guy :)
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Ooo... how about some more festive ponies?

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Tory, my BWP Dressage Horse (currently out of commission.. she threw her hip out of place) & Jet 2y/o paint. (Jet was the most cooperative.. btw)

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Revie, my sister's 26y/o All Around Arab and my gelding Ike who's my pal. He's lame and we don't know why..

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And Ike again.. who only did this because he loves me.. lol.

I decided to go have some fun even though I too can't ride. They cooperated mostly. I hope you're able to be up and riding soon and I hope my photos helped with your horsey fix!! :)
well one time i was showing my horse in poles, and i decided to look back and see where the other person was..(i was already passed the finish line.) well my horse decides to stop, and since i wasn't paying attention...i fell off her. it knocked the breath out of me and i didn't know where i was for a second. the judges and my dad were all standing over me trying to get me to breathe and i was freaking out. it was extremely scary. and after i walked out of the arena, i had to turn right back around and go run another pattern against another person.

and today the 3 mares that we own were checked to see if they were able to be bred to, and the vet used the ultrasound on one of them, and it was really neat to see it. but the uh, most .. uh, disgusting part was when she had to shove her whole arm up there with a camera. hm. and i wanted to be a horse veterinarian? haha.

but i know you will pull through this! don't worry, you'll be riding again in no time. :)