Kelly (or Jelly) (skippadedoda) wrote in horse_fun,
Kelly (or Jelly)

There's a really good chance this has been brought up before in this community or another, but since I've missed it or am oblivious (you pick which one you like more) but I want people's opinions, and I'm going to take the majority vote, and do it that way:

In general (in english, that is) at the canter, how do you carry your seat? Do you keep you but stuck to the saddle like glue and ride your horse like a rocking horse, or do you sortta go up in a half seat and suspend yourself? I know hunters and jumpers may vary, but there's gotta be a happy medium somewhere between there. I tend to go in half seat on the jumper course, but with my hunter mare, I try to sit more, and sit up, rather than forward as I do in jumpers. I could be completely wrong, but I really don't know- I've gotten to many different answers to pick just one!

Thankyou muchos in advance
X-posted like you can't believe!
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