Kelly (or Jelly) (skippadedoda) wrote in horse_fun,
Kelly (or Jelly)

Hey guys-

I've been trying to think of a showname and have gotten rather stuck, so who better to ask then a bunch of horse people? This is Tess, I've posted pictures of her before, but oh well. She's a nut case, totally hyper and theres a good cahnce we'll get thrown out of the ring this summer, but well, we might as well do it with class! She's a green 11 year old quarter horse (she is registered, but I don't know her show name, and I don't feel like digging it up). She's pretty cute, and we'll be doing western (hahahaha) and english, so any thoughts would be super appreciated!!


Landing ( I look a bit worried, lol)

hahaha She looks perky here (well, she is, but still)

And this is her looking like a giraffe (we're working on the head issue... still.... little twit...)


Anyway, any suggestions will be super appreciated!!

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Thank yas :)

Ok, so on to shownames...

I was thinking, if her barn name is Tess it kinda sounds like "test", so you could do something along the lines of testing you, test of time, take the test, etc etc etc...

Best I can come up with so far, I'll keep thinkin on it and letcha know if I can think of anything else :)
And hey, hyper can be fun sometimes, even if its not always good for showing lol :)
very beautiful horse!

and show names...
okay going along with what primadonna87 said:
since her name is Tess, and it sounds like "Test" and you said she was a nutcase...well, you could do "Test This" or "I'm Testable".
the second one you may not like so much.
you wouldn't happen to know the Dam or the Sire's names do you?
I can try to find out, but as of right now, I got no idea!